2012 Ford Focus SE SFE Can Achieve 40-MPG, Other Versions Can’t

The 2012 Ford Focus is being eagerly awaited by those looking to buy a car in the C-segment of the market, which includes cars like the Hyundai Elantra and the Chevrolet Cruze. However, if you want to achieve the claimed 40-mpg fuel rating, you’ll have to choose the Focus SE SFE (Super Fuel Economy) model.

While all Elantra’s can achieve 40-mpg, the most efficient Cruze on the market is the Eco model, which can achieve 42-mpg.

The Focus SE SFE does fare well against its main rivals, while the rest of the Focus range is not quite as thrifty to run. Normal Focus models can achieve 38-mpg on the highway and 28-mpg in the city. That is a combined average of just 31-mpg with the automatic version, you’ll lose an extra mile worth of driving per gallon if you opted to buy a manual version.

So while the new Focus might not be the most frugal car in its segment, it’s not bad, and considering its attractive styling, features and models, we are sure it will find plenty of owners.

[Source: Autoblog]