Alfa Would Get Porsche Engines Under Volkswagen Ownership


Despite claims by Fiat that its not letting go of Alfa Romeo, Volkswagen is continuing to put pressure on the powers-that-be to acquire the premium brand.

Most recently VW chairman Ferdinand Piech commented that under the German automaker’s ownership sales of the Italian brand would quadruple. Now comes word that Volkswagen already has a complete plan in place to make that assertion a reality – including help from the sports car experts at Porsche.

In a report by AutoCar, it’s suggested that Alfa could get a new line of 4-cylinder boxer engines that Porsche is currently developing for use in its own sports cars. Also included in the plan is use of the additional production capacity at Seat’s Martorell facility to cope with the added demand that Porsche-powered Alfas would no doubt create.

Volkswagen’s preparedness is part of the automaker’s 2018 plan for global domination, with execs having publicly commented that it sees Alfa crucial to this goal.

[Source: AutoCar]