And the Worst Cities For Speed Traps Are…

If you’ve got a lead foot, this post is specifically for you. The weather is getting better and we know that you just can wait to cruise the open roads. But be warned: you should brush up on what cities are the worst for speed traps.

Speeding tickets are a big business and with the recession, some cities are putting up more speed traps in an effort to bring in a little more cash. And the business is booming – the National Motorists Association estimates that speeding tickets bring in $4.5 to $6 billion in America. Not too shabby.

And even if you aren’t in a hurry, you should always watch your speedometer, as some cities will fine you for going just one mile over the speed limit, while others set the limits artificially low.

After the jump, you’ll find a list of the top cities with the number of speed traps they boast.

[Source: Yahoo Autos]

9. Chicago, Illinois – Speed traps: 153 8. Dallas, Texas – Speed traps: 156 7. Orlando, Florida – Speed traps: 165 6. Denver, Colorado – Speed traps: 165 5. Jacksonville, Florida – Speed traps: 175 4. Colorado Springs, Colorado – Speed traps: 186 3. Las Vegas, Nevada – Speed traps: 187 2. Austin, Texas – Speed traps: 189 1. Houston, Texas – Speed traps: 373