Andy Pilgrim’s ‘The Driving Zone 2’ Educates Teens About Distracted Driving

Sometimes, it takes a racing pro to get through to teens about safe driving practices. And that’s what Andy Pilgrim is doing in his quest to educate new drivers about the dangers of distracted driving.

Partnering with Volvo, the Andy Pilgrim Foundation is fighting distracted driving with a newly released educational DVD, “The Driving Zone 2.” The DVD highlights the dangers of texting, emailing and talking on the phone while driving. It also sheds light on some great ways that professional and experienced drivers use to stay safe on the roads.

Andy Pilgrim knows a little something about what it takes to stay safe on the roads. He has 25 years under his belt as a professional racecar driver and started speaking to students 16 years ago after witnessing a fatal collision involving a new driver. The Andy Pilgrim Foundation was born in 2008 to educate new drivers and raise awareness of the problems associated with distracted driving.

“I wanted to give back to the community by imparting the knowledge I’ve learned throughout my years of driving to young drivers, showing them how to create a safe driving environment and to try to prevent avoidable crashes,” said Pilgrim. “‘The Driving Zone 2′ is a great tool for new drivers, as well as teachers and parents, who share a responsibility in shaping driving behaviors.”

If you’re interested in watching “The Driving Zone 2” or adding it the driver’s education at your school, you’ll find it at

[Source: Volvo]