Auto Critic Confirms Paper’s Editing the Cause of His Resignation

Censorship has been confirmed as the reason behind why Scott Burgess, Auto Critic for The Detroit News resigned from his position at the paper.

News of the paper’s handling of Burgess’ Chrysler 200 review and his subsequent letter of resignation broke yesterday, but the industry veteran would not confirm the specific reason for his decision to leave what he referred to in his own words as “the best job I ever held.” Burgess set the record straight last night, however, appearing on the Autoline After Hours webcast, commenting that, “I quit because of the motivation behind the editing.”

The ‘editing’ essentially amounted to a censorship of ideas, with the paper cutting several sentences from the online version of the story after a complaint from an advertiser. While the general theme of the piece was kept intact, the harshest critiques were left out, including a conclusion that, “The only thing this 200 proves is that good enough is never going to be good enough.”

Since Burgess resigned, the paper has admitted mishandling the situation and has since updated the online version of the story to the original.

[Source: The Detroit News]