Auto Critic for ‘The Detroit News’ Resigns Over Censored Chrysler 200 Review


Scott Burgess, Auto Critic for ‘The Detroit News’ has resigned from his position at the paper, reportedly due to a decision by editors to censor his latest review. The article in question is a piece on the new Chrysler 200, in which changes to the online version of the story significantly reduce the impact of the piece.

Those changes were made after a dealer complained about the review, admits Sue Carney, Business Editor for the outlet, commenting that, “The changes were made to address the journalism of the piece, not the angst of a car dealer.”

The print edition could obviously not be changed after the fact, but Carney admits, “the online environment offered the flexibility to rework language that should have been caught in the editing process.”

Language removed from the online version includes statements such as, “Regrettably, the 200 is still a dog.” Another gem is that, “If this is the best vehicle Detroit exports, then Glenn Beck is right.” And finally, the censored conclusion: “It’s vastly improved, but that’s only because it was so horrendous before. Hopefully, this car is a placeholder until the real redesigned 200 arrives – eventually. The only thing this 200 proves is that good enough is never going to be good enough.”

Burgess, for his part, will not give the reason for his resignation, but did tell Jalopnik that, “It’s the best job I ever held.”

[Source: Jalopnik]

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