BMW 1M: The Official Safety Car of MotoGP [Gallery]


Next time you watch a MotoGP race, be sure to note that BMW is always out in front of Mercedes. Sure neither automaker competes in the F1 of motorcycle racing, but while Mercedes’ AMG division sponsors the Ducati team, BMW is providing the pace car.

That pace car is based on the new 1 Series M Coupe, painted up in BMW’s motorsports livery and kitted-out with some extra track goodies. Included on the car is a KW suspension setup, Akrapovic exhaust, a roll cage, Recaro racing seats, upgraded brakes, plus the use of added carbon fiber parts and polycarbonate windows. Oh, and in case you can’t notice, it’s also got the requisite light bar and a massive rear spoiler.

Forget the Ducatis, we want to see what kind of a lap time thing thing can run.

GALLERY: BMW 1M MotoGP Safety Car