Bugatti’s Veyron Configurator Opens Doors to Ugliest Veyron Competition

A group of Facebook users have decided to take advantage of Bugatti’s in depth Veyron configurator by holding a contest to see who can produce the ugliest Bugatti Veyron out there. Now for those that haven’t played around with the Veyron configurator – mostly because many of us never plan on owning one – there’s a lot of options and versatility in the app that Bugatti has developed for potential buyers. Nearly everything on the car can be configured in terms of color, which makes for some fantastic results even if you just randomly clicked blindly.

We of course had to join in on the fun. We don’t think we did too bad ourselves, though the competition is pretty heavy out there. But really, mixing and matching the most atrocious combination of colors imaginable makes any car, even a supercar like the Veyron, pretty grotesque.

[Source: Facebook via Autoblog]