Buick Sales Surpass Lexus, May Become America’s Top Luxury Brand


It’s not too hard to remember the days when Buick was the butt of jokes, with many suggesting that Buick be killed off during the General Motors bankruptcy in 2008, rather than Pontiac.

In a few short years, the fortunes of Buick have reversed spectacularly, and the brand is now the second most popular luxury car maker after BMW. Only the new X3 helped push BMW over Buick, and the margin was only 800 units. In 2010, Lexus was the number one luxury car maker and outsold Buick by a 70,000 unit margin. An article at the KickingTires blog also analyzes a number of other factors, including an undesirable product supply and slow vehicle turnover for Lexus and increased conquest sales for Buick.