Camp and Drive Eco Friendly in the Be-coc Camping Car

How’s this for multi-tasking? You can drive around in it, you can camp in it and you can do your part for the environment in it – meet the Be-coc Camping Car.

Ideal for eco-conscious campers, the Camping Car is outfitted with Be-coc cube module, including two shells and two swivel solar panels per module, which services your power needs. In the way of living space, the Camping Car module opens to 3.60 m wide and gives you a great view of your surroundings. When it’s time to head home, it turns back into a compact car.

The Camping Car is also ideal for those outdoor enthusiasts who like to head to unserviced areas, as you can plug into the sun. It’s an amazing balance of luxury, eco-friendliness and roughing it.

[Source: Born Rich]