De Tomaso to Revive Pantera in November at LA Auto Show

The legendary De Tomaso Pantera will be set to return in November of this year, a much-anticipated product after the disappointing Deauville (formerly SLC) introduced at the Geneva Auto Show last week.

The Pantera is the second part of the De Tomaso revival, and there isn’t much known about it yet—other than the fact that it will be shown at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November, almost exactly 40 years after the original’s debut. With the Avenger-looking “are they actually going to sell that?” Deauville paving the way, it won’t be hard to top—but the original Pantera has some reputation as being the Keith Moon of crazy 70s supercar wedges, and there’s a lot resting on its heavy metal nameplate.

After all, it was good enough for Elvis.

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