Fiat 500 Convertible to Debut at New York Auto Show


Fiat will reportedly launch the U.S.-spec version of the 500 Convertible at the New York Auto Show in late April, with the car going on sale almost immediately. Just in time for Spring, the drop-top is unique in that it retains the roof structure, but trades rear glass and a metal top for a retractable cloth section.

The powertrain and even the option packages are expected to remain unchanged from the standard 500, with the car making 101-hp in an even trendier package.

Look for full details April 20th, and see AutoGuide’s complete New york Auto Show preview and coverage here.

GALLERY: Fiat 500C Euro-Spec

Fiat 500C Euro-Spec 01.jpgFiat 500C Euro-Spec 02.jpgFiat 500C Euro-Spec 03.jpgFiat 500C Euro-Spec 04.jpgFiat 500C Euro-Spec 05.jpgFiat 500C Euro-Spec 06.jpg

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