Ford Ready for $4 a Gallon Gas Says CEO Mulally


If gas hits $4.00 a gallon, which looks to happen soon, Ford is prepared with the right cars says CEO Alan Mulally.

The automaker has put into place a new global plan with strong offerings in the compact and sub-compact set, while also proliferating the use of fuel-efficient technologies (ranging from direct-injection, to turbocharging, to both) in its models.

Mulally admits that that plan was more for long-term success and that he didn’t see a spike in the price of fuel to occur so soon after the 2008 jump. Regardless, Ford is “positioned with the right product line now.”

Expect more from Ford in the fuel-economy race, with past comments from execs indicating that EcoBoost (turbocharging and direct-injection) will become the core powertrain for the Blue Oval in the future.

[Source: The Detroit News]