Free General Tire iPhone App Offers Info, Videos, Pictures

You need tire information and you need it right now. If you’re a General Tire customer, you can quickly access all the information you need thanks to their new iPhone app.

This free app gives General Tire customers quick access to tons of product information, as well as a database of pictures and videos. You can browse five separate functions, which include:  Tire Descriptions (features sizing and pictures); Dealer Locators with maps; Team GT Race Videos; a Photo Gallery; and a News/Promotions section. If you’re into a little off-roading action, check out what Team GT has been up to – all with just the touch of the screen.

“The General Tire app is just one more way our customers can stay in touch with the General Tire brand,” said Travis Roffler, director of marketing, General Tire.  “We took the most popular pages from and made them easily accessible to iPhone and iPad users.”

You can download the app for free from the iTunes store.

[Source: General Tire]