Free Smartphone Apps Save You Money at the Pumps

As we watch the gas prices creep higher and higher, we wonder what new tips and tricks to use in order to save money. If you’ve got a smartphone, the answers are already right in your hands.

There are some good free phone apps that can help you save money on gas. Using GPS or information from users, these apps let you know where you can find the lowest-priced gas stations in the U.S. and even in Canada. Here are three apps that are gaining popularity:

AAA’s TripTik:  Only available on iPhones, the TripTik app is perfect if you’re going on a trip, as it gives you gas prices, hotels, restaurants, mechanics and more. Just click on the “Map” button for a map of all the gas station in the area and their prices, as well as directions to the stations.

Cheap Gas!: This is a free app that displays a list of stations sorted in the order of the lowest prices. It’s a pretty basic app, but it does offer a feature that launches your phone’s camera and shows station logos and their associated gas prices superimposed on the nearby landscape, to give an idea where they are.

GasBuddy: Another free app, this one can be configured to list the gas stations closest to you or by the price. To learn more about a specific gas station on the list, just tap on it, and a page dedicated to that gas station will open. On this page, you’ll find important deets such as the prices of all the different grades of gas, whether the station has a convenience store and when the prices were most recently reported. Since this app gets its price info from volunteer spotters, once you register on the site, you can become a spotter too. GasBuddy is available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone devices.

[Source: Contra Costa Times]