Geneva 2011: Maserati Gran Cabrio Sport Lets Your Chest Hair Blow In The Wind

Maserati convertibles are for the kind of guys who like to wear their shirts open way past their neck and put their arm on the windowsill so everyone can see their rose gold Hublot Big Bang.

If said customer opts for the new Maserati Gran Cabrio, pedestrians may not be able to get a glimpse of the driver’s status symbols, since horsepower is up by 11 to 444, while an improved Skyhook suspension should help drivers negotiate their sweeping driveways a little better.

Most of the other changes, like blacked-out headlights and some color-matched bodywork bits, are cosmetic but apparently the brakes are “upgraded”. Whatever, as long as it looks cool.

GALLERY: Maserati Gran Cabrio Sport

Masertai Gran Cabrio Sport 04.JPGMasertai Gran Cabrio Sport 02.JPGMasertai Gran Cabrio Sport 06.JPGMasertai Gran Cabrio Sport 10.JPGMasertai Gran Cabrio Sport 12.JPGMasertai Gran Cabrio Sport 13.JPG