iPhone 4 Steering Wheel Takes Your Gaming Experience Up a Notch


Seriously, what can’t you do with an iPhone? We love this phone so much that it needs an accessory for everything – and that includes your driving games. If you really love those racing games, you may want to consider the iPhone 4 Steering Wheel with Speakers.

It can be a little difficult steering your car by tilting your iPhone, and that’s where this handy accessory steps in. Made just for the iPhone 4, this lightweight peripheral gives the gamer high quality audio and a new kind of driving experience. Just connect your iPhone to the steering wheel’s adapter, pop it into the middle of the wheel, and start your engines. The only downside is that the iPhone doesn’t remain horizontal when you turn the steering wheel, so you might get a crick in your neck if you make a sudden turn.

The iPhone 4 Steering Wheel with Speakers sells for $22.20 at

[Source: Coolest Gadgets]