Koenigsegg Agera R Full Specs: 0-62 MPH in 2.9 Seconds

Koenigsegg has kept the full and official specifications on the Agera R well under wraps, leading many to wonder just how super this supercar would be. But now it’s all fully disclosed and it may just live up to its billing.

According to the Swedish supercar maker, the Agera R will accelerate to 62-mph from a standstill in a mere 2.9 seconds, while 124-mph is just around the corner in 7.5 seconds. And for those wondering how its braking performance is, the Agera R turns in a 0-124-0 time in 12.7 seconds.

To maximize the Agera R’s performance, E85 ethanol is required in order for the 5.0L V8 to push out 1,115-hp. On 95-octane, the Agera R will put out 940-hp while 98-octane providers 1,050-hp. Top speed is rated at over 261-mph.

There are even a variety of options that will be available for the Agera R, from front winglets to heated seats to an Inconel exhaust system and winter wheel package. No pricing is announced, but we’re sure it’ll be well towards (or over) the $1.5 million mark.

GALLERY: Koenigsegg Agera R

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GALLERY: Koenigsegg Agera R Debut in Geneva

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