Lagonda Brand Gets Green Light, Will Focus on Super Luxury SUVs


The negative reaction to Aston Martin‘s Lagonda concept car at the Geneva Auto Show two years ago might have seemed like the end of a plan to revive the marque, but the British luxury automaker is ready to prove doubters wrong, with CEO Ulrich Bez now confirming the new sub-brand has been given the green light.

Perhaps more importantly, Aston Martin has a larger plan, with Bez telling AutoCar that more products for Lagonda are in the pipe. Don’t look for Lagonda sports cars, however, but more SUVs, with the brand squarely focused on AWD models designed for Russia, China and other emerging markets.

Priced between £100-300k ($160,000 to $480,000) the brand will launch a new ultra-luxury SUV segment well beyond current high-end SUVs like the Porsche Cayenne.

Thankfully it appears as though the first Lagonda model will differ significantly from the concept car. Described by Aston design boss Marek Reichman as “a reaction car,” he points out that while reaction to the vehicle was negative, reaction to the brand proved otherwise. “People didn’t say Lagonda shouldn’t exist, they just said that a Lagonda shouldn’t look like that. Our research shows that 60 per cent of people thought Lagonda was a viable brand.”

GALLERY: Aston Martin Lagonda Concept


[Source: AutoCar]