Life-Size Play-Doh Car Surfaces in London

Huw Evans
by Huw Evans

Residents of Britain’s largest City were surprised to see a life-size car made out of Play-Doh parked up on a street this week.

The car was part of a publicity stunt to mark the UK launch of the Chevrolet Orlando and was created by eight model makers over a two week period.

Research conducted by General Motors proved that among more than 1000 UK adults surveyed, Play-Doh ranked at the top of the nostalgic toy list. Second was Kinder Eggs, third was LEGO; while fourth was Action Man.

In response to the life-size Play-Doh mockup of the Orlando, Chevrole UK spokesman Les Hutton said, “the new Orlando deserves another look and we believe this mould-breaking MPV is a real head-turner – especially when it’s made from tonnes of the nation’s most popular aqua-marine putty . Hopefully our launch will appeal to the inner-child in every parent and it will become a firm family favourite.” Fair comment.

[Source: News Press]

Huw Evans
Huw Evans

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