Mini Seven a Sweet Ride For Spoiled Kids

You know you’re a good parent when you can buy your child popularity. And every kid on the block will be lining up to play with your child if you get them the Mini Seven.

Made by Mini Electric Vehicles, the Mini Seven is a motorized car designed for uber-spoiled kids that boasts detailed design throughout. On the looks side of things, you’ll appreciate its classically styled body, signature front lights, matching seats and racing steering wheel. From a mechanical side, it’s built on a strong steel chassis and powered by a bulletproof Honda motor that offers a smooth ride.

Even though your child won’t be taking the Mini Seven out on the roads, it still has plenty of safety features. A 4-point harness seat belt system keeps your child secure, and the motor has a governing mechanism so you can set a safe speed.

The Mini Seven is ideal for kids aged 4 to 12 and retails for £6,995 (about $11,370). If you want to prove how much you really love your child, you can also upgrade to custom leather seats, embroidery on leather seats, painted stripes and other bespoke requests.

[Source: Born Rich]