Mitsubishi Evo to Compete in SCCA World Challenge Series in 2011

The Mitsubishi Evo might be slated for the history books, but a few folks out there intend to send it off with a bang.

The team at GMG is currently prepping an Evo for the SCCA World Challenge Series, where it will compete in the new(ish) GTS class.

Just a few years ago World Challenge only had two levels of racing and as such the Evo was pegged into the top-tier GT category with cars like the Viper, making it unattractive to potential racing teams. Now, however, with the new GTS level, the Evo might just be the perfect balance of performance and grip to take on the Mustangs, Camaros, BMWs and Acuras of that class.

Registered under GMG, reports suggest the car will actually run under the Swisher Racing name, with GMG pilot and series veteran James Sofronas sticking to his Porsche in the GT class.

It’s not yet clear if the car will make its debut at the start of the series, March 15th in St. Petersburg

Considering the sad news around the demise of the Evo, it goes without saying that this is not a factory-backed effort.