PETA Wants Your Spider-Infested Mazda6

Last week Mazda announced what might be the most bizarre recall to date, issuing a safety bulletin for its Mazda6 sedans after it was determined spider webs in the fuel system could cause a fire.

If you own one of the 65,000 affected models you could simply bring the car in to your nearest Mazda dealer to have the problem rectified, but PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has another suggestion: give the car to them.

Not only will PETA work to find the spiders a new home, but they’ll use the car to aid in animal rescue.

Giving away a perfectly good car with one miniscule recall is a bit extreme, but if you’re in a generous mood, or simply can live with the thought of those creepy crawlies in your car, then PETA’s plan isn’t a bad one. In fact, it might be the most sane thing PETA’s done in quite some time.