Plow Your Windshield With the Snowdozer

You’re getting pummelled by snow and a wimpy snow brush just isn’t going to get all that ice and white stuff off your vehicle. It’s time to call in the Snowdozer.

A serious windshield brush/scraper combo, the Snowdozer takes all the snow and ice of your car a lot easier then the conventional brushes. It features a double-blade design that scrapes both forward and backward and a built-in brush for sweeping the chunks of ice and snow away. It also comes equipped with a front handle to give you a better grip, an extendable, telescoping arm for so you can stay on one side of the SUV and clear the entire windshield, as well as  front plow to keep snow off your hands. Don’t be surprised it the neighbors come by looking to borrow it.

You can buy it here for $17.