Porsche GT3 RS 4.0L Limited Edition to Bow April 7th


Rumored since almost the launch of the GT2 RS, Porsche is set to reveal an even more potent version of the GT3 on April 7th.

According to the well-connected sources of members, the new GT3 RS 4.0L Limited Edition (exact name not yet known) will sport a larger displacement flat-six. Bumping engine size by 200ccs, the 4.0-liter will make as much as 500-hp – a significant jump of 50-hp over the standard car.

Little else is known about the car, but look for a more extreme setup with an even lighter curb weight. There’s even the possibility that it could use the new dual-clutch gearbox that’s rumored to find its way into the next-gen GT3.

As for the price, it’s likely to be a significant jump over the $135,000 GT3 RS model.

[Source: TeamSpeed]