Saabs United Forum Founder Hired to Head-Up Social Media For Saab


Proving the worth of social media (forums in particular), Saab has just hired on forum founder Steven Wade. Swade, as he’s known on the forum and blog, will be in charge of the social media presence for the Swedish automaker as it searches to reinvent itself.

In a post on the SaabsUnited home page, Wade writes, “Saab has hired me to be involved, as part of a global team, in a sustained social media presence that will see Saab presented from an inside view, allowing you access to company events, key people and of course, the cars themselves – in a way that no bigger car company can do.”

And who better to do so than an unabashed Saab fanatic.

Wade’s efforts over the past tumultuous years for Saab have not gone unnoticed by Saab management, and as though the position itself didn’t speak to the value the automaker puts on what he’s done over the past several years, a letter from CEO Victor Muller certainly does.

“You have single handedly proven the importance social media has nowadays in situations like the one Saab went through,” writes Muller. “You became one of my most powerful allies in those trying times which now are fortunately behind us.”

With his new position, Wade has elected to sell-off SaabsUnited, although a buyer has not yet been named.