Safety First… But Shoes Come Pretty Close

It’s important for moms to know the safest and most reliable vehicles on the road. But even more important is a great pair of shoes that look good and feel good.

And that’s what blogger Kristin Varela found out after a recent cover shoot. She and her daughters were featured on the cover of USA Weekend magazine that went along with the article “What Women Want in a Car.” She was inundated with tons of positive feedback… about the shoes she was wearing on the cover.

It may be hard for guys to grasp just how important it is to find a sexy shoe that’s also comfortable to wear the whole day. Sure, your family’s safety is paramount, but let’s face it… a new car doesn’t give you the same rush as a killer pair of heels.

If you’re interested, the shoes are Earthies Monaco in beige snakeskin, with just enough of a heel to make them perfect to wear with anything. They look pretty comfortable too, and if their good enough to wear on an all-day photo shoot, they’ll be good enough to wear while you’re driving your family around.

[Source: Motherproof]