Spider Infestation in Mazda6 Also an Issue for Honda, Hyundai

Apparently spiders don’t just prefer Mazdas. Honda has warned its dealers to keep an eye out for the same spiders that nested in 65,000 recalled Mazda6 sedans, as they may infest the Accord. Hyundai is also reportedly warning dealers of a similar issue with its models.

It’s not a full-blown recall, but if you see a spider inside your Accord, your local friendly Honda mechanic will be happy to get rid of the yellow sac spiders that are nesting inside a vent pipe and weaving “sack-like” webs that could lead to a blockage. The driver will find that the “check engine” light will come on, as well as a freaked-out friend or relative who will scream at ear-splitting levels. Possibly.

The fix is easy, because it consists of fitting a spring into a drain box—similar to Mazda’s solution. Unlike Mazda, however, there is no danger in blocking the gas tank venting hoses that may lead to an engine fire, and Honda has merely issued a service bulletin to its brave, spider-vanquishing mechanics instead of an all-out recall like its Japanese sedan brethren. The yellow sac spider hasn’t caused any engine stalling or fires in the Accord. Maybe yellow sac spiders prefer Honda over Mazda? And why not an Italian car? Or a convertible?

[Source: USA Today]