Study: If Gas Goes Up, U.S. Public Transit Will Need a Huge Financial Boost

On your way to work this morning, did your eyes almost pop out of your head when you saw how much gas was? It’s getting so high that many of us have had enough and are taking to public transportation in record numbers. In fact, in a study released by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), the way that this trend is going to continue, Congress had better think ahead by  investing long term in public transportation.

The APTA has done its homework. They say that once gas prices hit $4 a gallon, 670 million passenger trips could be expected (10.8 billion trips per year). And if that price jumps to $5 a gallon, expect about 1.5 billion passenger trips (11.6 billion trips per year). And, we know you don’t want to even think about it, but what happens when gas gets to $6 a gallon? You can expect the number to soar to 2.7 billion passenger trips (12.9 billion trips per year). That’s a lot of extra trips for public transit to take.

“The volatility of the price at the pump is another wake up call for our nation to address the increasing demand for public transportation services,” said APTA President William Millar.  “We must make significant, long-term investments in public transportation or we will leave our fellow Americans with limited travel options, or in many cases stranded without travel options.  Public transit is the quickest way for people to beat high gas prices if it is available.”

And the exodus from cars to public transportation has already begun. Across the US, public transit systems are already seeing large ridership increases. Obama’s Administration’s transportation authorization blueprint and proposal will increases public transit investment by 128 percent over the next six years and helps the 46 percent of Americans who do not have access to public transportation. But will it be enough?

If you think more needs to be don, you can let Congress know that  there needs to be more transportation options by going to or text TRANSIT to 86677 and join the “I <3 (heart) transit campaign.”

[Source: PR Newswire]