Tesla Model S To Launch With Three Trim Levels Denoting Different Battery Ranges

With most car manufacturers, the different trim levels often signify how well-equipped a vehicle is. But the new Tesla Model S electric car will use them in a different manner, with the three trims carrying different batteries, ranging from 160 to 300 miles.

The first cars produced by Tesla will be a limited run of the Signature Series – which features the 300 mile capable battery -and will get unique badging and options, in a limited run of 1000 units. Following the Signature Series, the standard versions of the 300 mile car, along with the 230 and 160 mile versions, will come online.

North American deliveries are expected to begin in mid-2012, with European deliveries following later, and right-hand drive models arriving in mid-2013. At that point, Tesla should be producing 20,000 Model S sedans per year, up from 5,000 in 2012.