The Detroit News Apologizes for Censoring Auto Critic

In a move to combat criticism and attempt to win back credibility, The Detroit News publisher Jonathan Wolman has issued an explanatory apology over issues of censorship that lead to the resignation of the paper’s auto critic.

Last week Scott Burgess left the paper after an online version of his review of the Chrysler 200 was edited to remove some of the more sensationalistic copy. The paper even admitted that the move was in response to a complaint by a local dealer that advertises with The Detroit News.

Citing credibility as the most important aspect of delivering the news, Wolman comments that, “As publisher and editor, I want to apologize to our readers and of course to Scott. Once the review was published we should have maintained the wording in all our formats and avoided any sense that we were acting at the influence of any interest aside from our readers’ interest.”

He goes on to state that, “our readers must be certain they have the author’s unvarnished opinion, free of any commercial or outside consideration. That’s our ongoing commitment.”

For our part, we applaud Wolman for coming clean – even if he’s only now doing no less that we would ever expect.