The In-Car Cassette Deck Lives On; For One More Year


For everyone out there despondent about the news that cassette decks will no longer be available in new cars, you’ve just been granted a reprieve. We are happy to announce that there’s still hope for your extensive collection of tapes from the ‘80s and ‘90s.

It turns out that the Crown Victoria still comes with a cassette player as part of its entertainment package. But, we’ve got some bad news, and some more bad news. The bad news is the Crown Vic will end production later this year, so if you really want the cassette deck in your new car, you need to get one before the year is out. The other bad news is it’s only available as a fleet sale. Now all you have to do is convince your boss to buy it as a company vehicle and you’ll be set.

For the bulk of us, it looks like the end of an era is upon us. What are you going to do with your cassette tapes?