Titan Motorsports and Big Daddy Supras Collide During Drag Race [video]


Every year over in Houston, Texas, Toyota Supras from all over the nation gather at the Lonestar Motorsports Park for a weekend of motorsports festivities. It begins with a Dyno Day then a weekend of test-n-tune and drag racing. Over the years, every big player in the Supra industry has shown up with Florida heavyweights Titan Motorsports and Big Daddy being no exceptions to the rule. This year however, there was plenty more excitement when the two MKIV Supras took to the track.

Titan’s Supra has really been shoved aside for their full race program, with it only making select appearances yearly. One thing’s for sure, they never miss the Texas event with their infamous Copper Supra. Their day started out just fine, rolling out a 7.75 @ 178 mph pass as they made the rounds in the Unlimited Class. Fast forward to the end of the day and Titan found themselves in the final against fellow Florida rival, Big Daddy.

Big Daddy knew they’d have to be on their A-game to topple Titan’s giant, but unfortunately they might have pushed the pedal a little too hard as their Supra goes out of control, flying through the center line and into Titan’s lane slamming into the wall. Titan’s driver, Gary White, was able to escape with minimal damage to the car (though it’s still not a pretty sight) and luckily both drivers were just fine after the accident.

Check out the video after the break.

[Source: Titan Motorsports Blog]