Toyota FT-86 Hybrid a Possibility Admits Toyota


When Toyota announced its new Global Vision last week the company’s two main product goals seemed rather divergent. First, Toyota announced it would build exciting cars. Then it reiterated a commitment to sustainable mobility – hybrids in particular.

Those two seemingly incongruous goals may come together for the first time in the upcoming FT-86 Sports car. When asked by the team at AutoExpress if a hybrid version of the new RWD sports coupe was possible, the response was simple from one Toyota representative. “Why not?” The staffer than went on to douse the fires of speculation stating that, “It’s no secret we’ve been considering a hybrid sports car for a while.”

Toyota recently displayed what it calls the FT-86 II Concept at the Geneva Auto Show, sporting more aggressive bodywork that it says will more closely resemble the production car which could bow as early as the NY Auto Show in April under the Scion brand wearing the FT-S badge.

GALLERY: Toyota FT-86 II Concept


[Source: AutoExpress]

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