Toyota FT-86 Restyled Due To Driver Feedback

While many have expressed their displeasure with Toyota‘s re-design of the FT-86 sports car, fans can rest easier knowing that the changes were made in the name of function rather than form.

According to Autocar, the biggest change comes from the A-pillars, which have been moved back a few inches to create a flatter windscreen. “We had feedback from drivers who felt that the angle of the A-pillars created a type of ‘tunnel vision’”, Akihiro Nagaya, Toyota’s design chief, told the magazine. “This could sometimes make the car hard to place on the road, particularly at higher speeds. The theory behind this car remains that of the ‘86’ [the original Corolla AE-86], which was easy and pure to drive, so we had to change it.”

Nagaya also noted that the car was anywhere from 50-70 percent accurate as to the final shape of the FT-86.

GALLERY: Toyota FT-86 II Concept


[Source: Autocar]