Toyota’s New Global Vision Puts Focus on Emerging Markets, Exciting Cars


After the global economic collapse, compounded by a spate of major recalls and a general lack of new product, Toyota Motor Corporation has today announced a new Global Vision that puts the focus on developing the brand in emerging markets, while injecting more passion into its cars. Toyota also intends to continue to grow its strengths in building reliable and efficient cars, listing key focal points such as: quality, constant innovation, respect for the planet, and the idea that there is always a better way.

“All 300,000 of us at Toyota worldwide will take part in laying a foundation for sustainable growth,” said company President Akio Toyoda. “Working side by side, we will strive to earn smiles by exceeding customers’ highest expectations. Together, we will write a new chapter of Toyota history.”

Specific to new products, Toyota is putting the priority on “product appeal,” ranking it even ahead of building environmentally responsible cars in its new plan. Toyota aims to build “genuinely exciting models” and “greatly improve the design and feel” of its cars.

That’s not to say that Toyota’s continued work on ‘green’ cars will diminish. Highlighted just after “product appeal” in the company’s new Global Vision are “Models for Minimizing Environmental Impact” with Toyota planning 10 more new hybrids by 2015, while it develops a a full range of plug-in hybrids, EVs and fuel cell models. Toyota claims it will, “lead [the] industry in tackling technological advances that will spawn next-generation mobility,”

As for the Lexus brand, the plan is to focus on quality and value, while also deliver a more emotional ride with advanced technology and a focus on design.

Globally, Toyota aims to put the focus on emerging markets. Currently Toyota is skewed towards industrialized nations that make up 60 percent of its global sales. That will change by 2015, with an even 50/50 split.