Volkswagen Celebrates 3.5 Million DSG Transmissions Sold

Dual-clutch transmissions are becoming increasingly popular offerings by all automakers in the search to save every drop of fuel. But the auto-boxes have another benefit: not only do they shift faster than a traditional slushbox, they easily out-match your best manual-transmission heel-toe efforts.

Combine those two qualities and you’ve got a solution that will please the greenies and performance junkies, so it’s no surprise that everyone from Hyundai to Ford are now offering dual-clutch gearboxes.

But long before it was popular, Volkswagen introduced its DCT, the DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox). Debuting in the golf R32 and Audi TT in 2003, VW is now celebrating 3.5 million DSG units produced. Initially offered for mid-range vehicles, VW has since developed versions compatible with smaller engines, and more recently with high-performance large-displacement engines for the Audi brand.

Almost all of the DSG units were manufactured at the automaker’s Kassel Plant in Germany, while just over 100,000 have been manufactured in China.