Volkswagen Planning WRC Entry With Polo


One obvious sign of economies returning to full steam is increased involvement by automakers in the incredibly expensive field of motorsports. A valuable R&D experience regardless of the outcome, the marketing aspect depends solely on if you win.

With a Charlie Sheen obsession for “winning”, Volkswagen aims to get involved directly with the prestigious World Rally Championship, pursuing dominance in motorsports as well as in the global sales race. An announcement is  expected by the end of the month, with a special event to celebrate VW’s three consecutive wins at the Dakar rally taking place on March 22nd.

The vehicle that will form the basis of the VW WRC entry was originally thought to be the Scirocco coupe, but now it appears as though Volkswagen will campaign race-prepped versions of its Polo sub-compact.

VW is working with Darak driver and WRC veteran Carlos Sainz and is tipped to sign Petter Solberg as a driver after talks to hire Sebastien Loeb away from Citroen failed.

Volkswagen will join MINI as new entrants into the 2011 WRC season.

[Source: AutoCar]