Audi R8 GT Spyder Revealed In Sketches

Audi will apparently produce an R8 GT Spyder, defeating the purpose of the lighter, more performance-oriented R8 GT, but opening up a whole new market for their supercar, and those more concerned with looking fast than going fast.

The Spyder will likely pack the same 552-horsepower 5.2L V10 as the coupe, but be limited to 193mph, as opposed to 199mph in the hardtop. The Spyder will also likely be limited to 333 units. Roughly 220 pounds will be cut from the car’s weight thanks to an abundance of carbon fiber parts, thinner glass and a revised braking system. Audi will preview the car at Le Mans in June, with a proper unveiling at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September.

[Source: Autocar]