GM Futurliner Bus Up for Auction; Own a Piece of Americana

It’s a little rough around the edges, but this Futurliner bus represents the essence of a bygone era, specifically GM’s Parade of Progress, which during the 1940s and ’50s traveled across the country demonstrating the latest in the General’s automotive technology to consumers.

GM originally built 12 of these buses, which were 33 feet long, 11 feet high and rode on double tires at all four corners. Styling mimicked period locomotives and was designed to capture the essence of speed and streamlining, which was perceived as cutting edge at the time.

Eight of the original 12 Futurliners are known to still exist today and this one is being offered for sale by Auctions America on behalf of noted GM Motorarama car collector Joe Bortz. The bus is likely to fetch between $450,000 and $650,000 when it crosses the block at the Auburn Auction Park during the May 12-14 weekend.

“These Futurliner buses represent the largest artifacts remaining from GM’s great Motorama era and hold a significant place in American automotive history,” said Bortz

[Source: Auctions America]

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