Lincoln MKC, MKD And Aviator Plans Revealed

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler

After a long period of neglect by parent company Ford, Lincoln is expected to launch three new products within the upcoming years to complement their current lineup, with a small crossover, compact car and a version of the Ford Explorer joining the ranks.

The new small Lincoln, tentatively known as the MKC, will be based off the Ford Focus platform, and be motivated by a 1.6L Ecoboost 4-cylinder engine, and is said to be inspired by 2009’s Lincoln Concept C (pictured above), which used the same powertrain. Don’t expect such outlandish styling, although the hatchback style is certainly a possibility.

The rumored MKD crossover will supposedly be based on the new Ford Escape, and since that car was previewed by the Ford Vertek concept at this year’s Detroit Auto Show, we’re also optimistic that the sub-MKX size crossover will be a winner, especially in the all important fuel economy stakes. The MKD has been confirmed as a future product, however Ford has not trademarked the name, leading to speculation that it could wear a totally different moniker.

The final rumor, which has the longest odds of all, is the return of the Lincoln Aviator, a slow-selling SUV based on the Ford Explorer. Ford’s new Explorer appears to be pretty well received, and there are rumors that the Aviator could be revived as a 7-passenger SUV that would serve as an alternative to the MKT. On the other hand, there is little to substantiate these rumors and so far this should be considered merely conjecture.

[Source: Ford Inside News]

Derek Kreindler
Derek Kreindler

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