Massive 127-Car Pileup In Abu Dhabi Leaves One Dead, 61 Injured

Fog and speeding were to blame for an early-morning pileup that involved 127 cars and left one man dead on the Dubai-Abu Dhabi highway.

The accident happened at 8am on Saturday between the cities of Sahama and Ghantoot, where fog reduced visibility to less than 150 feet. The fog hampered the efforts of over 100 police, army, civil defense force and medical personnel, who were amazingly able to restore traffic flow in two hours.

“I was very lucky to have escaped,” said one driver. “I was driving behind a bus…I must have been 15 feet away from it when I heard a loud crash and veered out of the lane just in time to avoid a collision. I then heard several bangs in the background—more cars had crashed into the bus. There were a lot of buses involved in the crash—most of them carrying workers.”

Witnesses and drivers said that they were speeding at over 70 miles per hour, despite the conditions. The resulting accident stretched for over a mile and the fog caused other highways and bridges to be closed later that day.

[Source: Gulf News]