Swarovski-Studded Royal MINI Cooper is Fit For a King


Alarm set for ungodly early hour: check. Good china set out to enjoy tea and crumpets while watching the royal wedding: check. Perfect ride to celebrate the nuptials of the year: check. Wave a stately hand out of the window to your adoring subjects as you drive the Swarovski-studded MINI Cooper S, in celebration of Kate and William’s wedding.

The king of bling, otherwise known as the Royal MINI Cooper, was designed by Berlin-based company Bling My Thing, who teamed up with Swarovski for this majestic work of art. Adorned with 300,000 Swarovski touches applied by hand, it will brighten up the rainiest British day.

To make its grand entrance, the Royal MINI Cooper was presented by a Royal look-alike couple last Saturday in Westfield, London. Flaunting SwanFlower patterns on the body (made from different sized crystals as small as 1.8mm), the entire roof is covered with thousands of crystals that come together to form the Union Jack.

And what do we have to say about this car? We are not amused.

[Source: BlingMyThing]

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