Audi R4 Axed: The Car God's Are Crying

Harry Lay
by Harry Lay
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It is a very sad day for any auto enthusiast who enjoys German engineering. The highly anticipated Audi R4 has reportedly been axed by Audi. While nothing is official, Auto Motor and Sport says the model will not be produced because it would steal sales from the Audi TT, not to mention the Porsche Boxster/ Cayman.

The R4 was to be powered by a purely electric drive system made up of a quartet of motors, two placed at the front and two at the rear axle powered by a next generation Lithium ion battery pack, just like the E-Tron concept. The R4 would have produced 300-hp and over 3,300 lb-ft of torque with a 0-60 mph time in just 4.8 seconds. Plus it would have delivered a range of 155 miles without emitting a single hydrocarbon. And to make this story even sadder, if the R4 did end up looking anything like it’s e-Tron concept, it was shaping up to be a stunning piece of sheetmetal.

GALLERY: Audi E-Tron

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Harry Lay
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  • PJ PJ on May 07, 2011

    They now should make this the Body the new body for the TT????