GMC To Move Further Upscale

Harry Lay
by Harry Lay

General Motors has done a commendable job differentiating GMC and Chevrolet even though they share many of the same designs. As proof, one could compare the Terrain to the Equinox or the Acadia to the Traverse and see they share the same underpinnings yet each has a distinctive look.

Mark Reuss, GM President in North America explains that GM’s two-branded approach to trucks needs to be better executed in the future. One way to further differentiate GMC is to head farther upscale with its Denali trim range. “I think we can do premium Chevrolets, and take GMC and move it even further up,” says Reuss. If GMC were to implement the Denali trim level to increase luxury sales, the brand would have to incorporate the badging on many more vehicle models. The Denali level trim is only available to the Sierra, Yukon, and the Acadia.

[Source: Automotive News via Autoblog]

Harry Lay
Harry Lay

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