Kia Soul Hamstar Edition: You Can Get With This…

Kia Soul Hamstar Edition: You Can Get With This…

Likely you’ve seen Kia‘s Hamster ad which this year won Nielsen’s top auto ad award. Based on the success of that spot Kia will launch a Hamstar Edition Soul, the latest in a long line of barely-special special editions.

Included in the package are paint-matched bumper trim, with black fender vents and black wheels. Plus there are big star decals and oversize hash marks on the side. Inside there are black and leather seats with a leather wrapped steering wheel, shift knob, Hamstar floor mats and even the back of the front headrests have big star logos. More useful upgrades include a push-button ignition and automatic climate control.

Pricing has yet to be released.

Would Homestar Runner approve?

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