Porsche 961 Rumored as Future 918 Coupe Flagship

Fans of the 928, your time has come: Porsche is readying a successor to the legendary grand tourer, and this time it will be a coupe with a V8 engine. Sound familiar, 928 masochists?

According to Germany’s Autobild the car will be called the Porsche 961—a designation last used on a Le Mans racer version of the mighty 959 in 1986, complete with quad-colored Rothmans livery. This one aims to be just as much of a flagship, with influence from the 918 Spyder and potentially a similar hybrid-electric powertrain, good for 600 horsepower.

And when it comes out in 2013, expect lots of ads extolling how it is not merely a coupe version of the 918. Nope, not at all, not even close.

Then again, this is just the latest rumor about a new Porsche coupe, with the other camp believing its a front-engine model, something like a Panamera coupe. Take your pick.

[Source: Autobild]