Team Hot Wheels Jumps 332 Feet to Set New World Record at Indianapolis Motor Speedway [Video]

It may only have been a sideshow stunt to the main attraction at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, but what a stunt it was. Team Hot Wheels had promised a world record attempt, sending a specially prepared Baja-like truck down a 90 foot ramp, shooting it out across a 332 foot void before landing on the other side. The result? Success, with the mystery “Yellow Driver” ripping down the track (built to look like the bright orange Hot Wheels toy track) getting enough speed to clear a good portion of the ramp on the other side.

In doing so Team Hot Wheels now lays claim to the world record jump for a vehicle, besting the previous record by 31 feet.

As for the mystery driver? He was revealed to be none other than rally car racer and drifter Tanner Foust, who also happens to be one of the hosts of American Top Gear. Were you expecting maybe the Stig?

GALLERY: Team Hot Wheels Record Setting Jump

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Watch the video after the jump:

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