Vladimir Putin Embarassed When Lada Stunt Backfires in Front of Russian Media


Russians and world leaders alike know not to mess with shirtless, crossbow-wielding, bear-hunting Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. But when a Lada Granta crosses the Wrath of Putin, there’s nothing to do but to make cheesy “in Soviet Russia” jokes. And run.

Putin, promoting the glory of Mother Russia and the trappings of the proletariat, paraded a brand-new Lada in front of the nation’s media at Lada’s factory recently – in part to help promote the brand after the Russian government bailed out the automaker during the economic downturn. But when he tried to start the engine, it wouldn’t start, even after five tries. Awkward.

As 60 years of Russian reliability came flooding back, Putin also needed the help of two others in order to open the trunk. Determined to save face, however, Putin—casually dressed in a sport jacket and secret SVR laser-equipped aviator sunglasses, his whale-hunting outfit—humbly blamed himself, claiming that he had pressed the drive-by-wire accelerator too sharply, a feature that his snorkelized Lada Niva (shown above) lacks.

Putin still claimed that the Granta (not to be confused with the Ford Granada, another car that helped bring an end to the Red Menace) was still “a good car.” The Granta, which will retail for around $8,000, is being touted as “the people’s car” for millions of eagerly awaiting Russian motorists who haven’t bribed their way into a higher tax bracket and an armored G-Class.

[Source: The Telegraph]

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