Walk This Way… To Steven Tyler’s Panoz AIV Roadster, It’s For Sale

Aerosmith front-man and American Idol judge Steven Tyler is known for his big voice and his eclectic fashion sense, and it seems his choice of cars is equally unusual.

Now his old Panoz AIV Roadster (the yellow car in the back ground in the above picture) is up for sale, not by Mr. Tyler, but from the car’s current owner. The ad says it has been signed by Steven Tyler, has a Cobra engine and is “virtually flawless.” It currently has 9,103-miles on it.

The seller, whose name is not mentioned, says he is the star of the movie “The Secret” and that he is the author of the book “The Attractor Factor.”

Well if he is an author, he should take some writing lessons, because the ad is terribly written and the quality of the pictures he provided are horrendous.

The seller also says he wants a minimum of $100,000 for this car, which is much more than this car’s actual market value.

If you’re a serious Steven Tyler fan, maybe this car is for you. We would rather… walk away.

[Source: eBay]

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